Youths of Mchinji through CISE YouthLink a Whatsapp group page created by CISE requested officials of Mchinji District Hospital to set a special day per week to give a chance to them to be accessing health services in a friendly manner. Health Service providers according to Moneko Zoto a Youth Friendly Health Service Coordinator have agreed that Wednesday is set as  a youth health service access day. Mirriam Mbewe, CISE’s youth coordinator thanked the contributors of Whatsapp group page for advocating for what she called a life time opportunity for all youths in the district. She said it is CISE’s objective of changing the way young people uses social media. Instead of using social media as time waster, young people can use it to advocate for what is profitable in life. If you want to appreciate what young people in Mchinji are doing on whatsapp, send a “AddMe” text to +265111909333 and you will be added to the group page.


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  1. Youths of Mchinji, opportunity comes once in one’s life, don’t let it pass by. Grab it and you shall never regret, there are so many things that we are not aware of healthicaly so let’s come in maltittude and learn what they have for us. Thumbs up CISE.


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