Reduce Girls’ Dropout in Primary Schools



Community Initiative for Social Empowerment (CISE) is implementing a project called Civic Engagement to Reduce Girls’ Dropout in Primary Schools of Boma, Mkanda and Kamwendo education zones with funding from Tilitonse Fund. The aim of the  project is to increased responsiveness of local governance structures, parents and community members on girls’ access to primary education and completion.

The following are the objectives;

  1. To eliminate injustices impinging on girls’ right  to education
  2. To empower girls, parents, school management boards   and local governance structures
  3. To reduce gender based violence against girls both at school and community
  4. To increase girls enrollment and retention in schools
  5. To enhance community participation to curb gender disparities in schools and communities
  6. To empower girls to be demanding and safeguarding their rights
  7. To increase knowledge levels on gender, HIV/AIDS, human rights and responsibilities among girls, parents  and local governance structures