Fighting against corruption

CISE Malawi is a member of National Anti-corruption Alliance (NACA) an alliance aimed at mobilising and coordinating civil society activities in combating corruption in Malawi. CISE Malawi’s approach in fighting against corruption is threefold:

  1. Prevention: Conduct public education on Malawi Corrupt Practices Act aimed at sensitising the youth, churches, schools, politicians, public office bearers, community leaders, the private sector and the nation at large against the evils and the bad consequences of corruption so that they may feel free and also feel obliged to report any suspicions of corruption to the Anti-Corruption Bureau without fear of victimisation.
  2. Respond when corruption occur: Through public resources tracking, CISE Malawi blow a whistle whenever there is a suspected corrupt practices because it is a threat to any positive progress, success, nation building, unity and national prosperity.
  3. Bring to justice those found guilty of corruption: Through National Anti-corruption Alliance, we make sure that corrupt people are punished by law. Our target beneficiaries are public officers who are entrusted to manage public resources.

CISE Malawi is a member of UNCAC Civil Society Coalition