Concerns of learners

by Joy Wezi Gausi CISE Staff Reporter

Learners at Kafulama Primary School in Mchinji district have launched their concerns over a beer joint operating near the school throughout the day.

According to the Head Teacher, Master Ballon Kulema, the bar has been in operational around school for close to two years causing disturbances to learners.

Kulema said people from the bar use school toilets making it unconducive for learners to use the same facilities since they leave feaces and urine all over the place.

He said due to drunkards using school toilets they face a lot of disease outbreak such as diarrhea among learners causing absenteeism.

Concurring with Kulema, Field Officer for Community Initiative for Social Empowerment(CISE) Mirriam Mbewe said joint effort from CISE and other stake holders is proving futile as the owner of the bar is refusing to close it.

Mbewe said they have been reports that Village Leaders are invited to drink at the bar for free making it impossible for them to act on the closure of the bar.

She also said they are working together with communities surrounding the school to make sure the drinking joint is closed as drunkards do insult learners with obscene language which is a threat to their education.

The bar is 10metres near school, causing learners to dance to music coming out while in class.

Meanwhile CISE together with other stakeholders in the district have summoned the owner of the bar through police.