Covid-19 Survey

CISE Malawi in collaboration with JournAIDS with financial support from Just Associates will from tomorrow embark on recording of radio programs and shooting of a TV documentary in Mchinji. The aim is to document the impact of COVID-19 on Adolescents Girls and Young Women (AGYW) from education, health, economic and human rights point of view.

AGYW marry at early ages and are susceptible to physical violence and harmful practices (MPHC 2018). These realities increase their risk for unintended, mistimed, and higher-risk pregnancies, compromise their access to all functions of society, and violet their basic human rights. The coming in of Coronavirus might have increased afrosaid harsh realities hence the need to document evidence based impact.

The findings will inform planning for implementation of a project called Enhancing AGYW’s humanitarian response to Covid-19 pandemic in vulnerable communities.

Mchinji has a total population of 602,305 (2018 PHC) a 31% increase from 2008. 1 in 3 inhabitants are youth ages 10-24. More than half of youth 107,965 are AGYW.