Making Mchinji Clean, Green and Beautiful Project

Community Initiative for Social Empowerment is implementing Making Mchinji Clean, Green and Beautiful Project with locally generated funding. Mchinji is a boarder district to Zambia. Many visitors to Malawi pass through the district to the capital city Lilongwe. Maintaining cleanliness in Mchinji could play an important role in attracting more visitors which in turn could bring more foreign currency and contribute to social economic development of Malawians. It is against this that CISE initiated the project to make sure that Mchinji becomes more attractive to visitors from around the world.

CISE in conjunction with other youth groups have completed phase two of Making Mchinji Clean, Green and Beautiful project. The second phase was planting of trees along Mchinji Chipata road. Mchinji District Council through District Forestry Office supported the project by providing 3000 tree seedlings, a vehicle and MWK1.8m from Productive Public Works Program.

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