Volunteer membership (Malawian Youth)

Volunteer membership (Malawian Youth)

Any person aged 18-35 is considered a youth by CISE and is eligible for membership, regardless of sex, tribe, religion, political affiliation, education, or disability. CISE membership is voluntary, and members pay a small fee to join.

Benefits of Membership

Members are advocates for CISE’s objectives, and are therefore advocates for positive social change in Malawi. Volunteer members can network with international volunteers, apply for youth exchange programme, and develop their skills in a number of different areas. Other benefits include:

  1. Attending local, regional, national, and international meetings, workshops, and conferences
  2. Access to CISE information from on youth development, HIV/AIDS, and other program areas,
  3. Preferential opportunity to apply for CISE positions (adverts for employment are first circulated within CISE membership)
  4. Participation in training programmes, which present opportunities to learn new skills and advance one’s career goals

Application Process

To become a volunteer, one write a letter with details on qualifications and why they would like to join CISE as a volunteer, and submit it to the Programme Manager. Applicants are interviewed before an application is approved.

Membership Categories

In addition to the type of membership described above, which is called full membership, people can also join CISE as members in the following categories:

Affiliate members: Any members of a club, committee, association or programme initiated by CISE in the course of implementing its activities. For example, youth who have joined sponsored football team would be considered affiliate members.

Associate members: Organizations or individuals interested in the ventures of CISE‘s objectives. Associate members may be of mixed ages, and associate members can also include members of staff who in some way or the other may not meet certain criteria for full membership.