HIV/AIDS Programs

HIV Testing and Services
CISE Malawi has rolled out HIV Self-Testing (HIVST). HIV self-testing  is the process by which a person who wants to know their HIV status performs an HIV test themselves and interprets the result in private.

HIVST is one of the strategies (2015-2020 National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV) of increasing uptake of HIV testing by disparate client populations. HIV self-screening uses a high-quality oral fluid test kit called Oraquick. The aim is to reach individuals (particularly from marginalized and stigmatized populations) who are reluctant to access traditional health services.


Post Test club is an association of volunteers who have had an HIV test. It has been developed in order to support those that have undergone an HIV test and are either negative or positive. Members are recruited upon post-test counseling

They support each other-showing love care, providing material assistance to the most needy, marginalized and orphans among them, working together on projects, and pooling resources to help each other.

Through music, dance and drama, they perform in community centers, churches and schools to teach people about HIV/AIDS. They encourage people to be tested and then teach them on how to avoid infection, and if infected, how to avoid spreading the virus to others.

Their moto “Living positively” regardless of their HIV status, they believe in a positive attitude which helps them and their loved ones through challenges they face.



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