CISE Values for Excellency

Human dignity and Gender equity
CISE has a gender policy which define it in context of people it work with.

Honesty, integrity, sincerity and Transparent
CISE does its things in a transparent manner that cannot be questioned by people we work with and development partners.

Cost Consciousness and sound management of resources
CISE has a very effective structure that provide checks and balances in as far finance management is concerned.

Concern of environment
It is everyone’s responsibility to conserve ad protect environment. CISE encourages members to be proactive in Natural Resources conservation.

Quality of service
All staff and volunteers are oriented in quality of service which is vital in building people’s trust.

Capability and accountability
CISE has developed and put in place mechanisms which enhance accountability in the organization.

Creativity and innovation
CISE recognize those with new ideas and those who are capable of putting them into practice. Motivating such people is at CISE heart which we believe helps us move forward

CISE believe in the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using holy punishment to correct disobedience


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