A youth local NGO established in 2012 and incorporated under the Trustees Incorporation Act (CAP. 5:03) of the Laws of Malawi. It is registered with CONGOMA and NGO Board of Malawi as NGO.

Vision -A society in which the youth, women and children are motivated and empowered to attain their fullest potential.

Mission Statement -A local NGO that is committed to mobilize, sensitize, motivate and empower the youth, women and children to realize their full potential through rights based approach in Malawi.


  • To advocate for quality, equitable and improved service delivery in health, livelihood and education sectors in a child and youth friendly manner.
  • To promote youth and women inclusion in decision making positions in order to shape the experience and leadership skills among them.
  • To advocate for good governance, rule of law, gender equality and respect for human rights at grassroots and national level.
  • To advocate for enabling policy environment aimed at creating access to social, economic opportunities and entrepreneurial skills among the youth, women and children in Malawi.
  • To safeguard, promote and protect rights of vulnerable groups with much emphasis on key population, women and children.
  • To build the capacity of the communities with skills to mitigate the effects of disasters and climate change and to become resilient to such effects.

CISE Malawi believes that systemic and sustainable change is possible when communities are able to initiate and drive their development agenda, therefore it invests in enhancing organized community-led initiatives to create a firm basis for sustainable development and social justice.


Where we work


15 Responses to About

  1. Albert Banya says:

    This is what young people are supposed to be working. There is not time to waste

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    • cisemalawi says:

      Thank you so much Albert for your positive feedback. We are motivated by that. 2017 is here. We are geared to work extra harder to achieve sustainable development for all


  2. This is very good for the youths, their minds will be occupied with things that will benefit their future.


  3. Gladys says:

    Am interested with ur conservation guys…..thumb up


  4. Thaddeus Putheke says:

    this is a very good initiative that has to grow even in other districts, I am very much impressed with what you are doing.keep the fire burning. I want to work with you as a volunteer because I am impressed with you, please I am on 0995745888. contact me please.


    • cisemalawi says:

      Thank you so much Thaddeus Putheke for your encouragement. CISE uses an open door policy meaning everyone is welcome to join it. We have recorded your e-mail address. Be assured to be contacted soonest possible


  5. Mackson jentala says:

    Here is my phone number 0888 885 218 am ready to work with you so as to empower youths

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  6. Mirriam Nkosi says:

    Great initiative! Where exactly are you based? And do you allow malawian volunteers?


  7. Mirriam Nkosi says:

    Where exactly is this based? I Would love to volunteer with you


  8. James Chiwanda says:

    So interesting.Youths need economic empowerment to reduce challenges of un employment in Malawi.We also work in the same but based in Zomba.I think it’s important if we can work in partnerships.Volunteers are also welcome email;thoyodo2014@gmail.com or jamchiwanda@hotmail.com.Telephone 265 997 070 715.

    Organisation name is Thondwe Youth Skills Development (Thoyodo)


  9. Thokozani Ching'ande says:

    It is encouragement to those Working in youth work for development, we are from Anxious Youth Organisation. So how can we venture In some of your programmes, as an Organisation really we are to benefit from that.


    • cisemalawi says:

      Hello Thokozani,
      We are encouraged to learn that Anxious Youth Organization is interested in partnership with CISE. On how this can be done, we need your profile for our Management Team so that an MOU is developed for signing. That’s how strategic partnerships can be formalised.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      CISE Management


  10. Thokozani Ching'ande says:

    How can a Youth Organisation works with you, because it seems to be interesting and patronising mainly in the fields of youth work in Malawi.
    Keep it up, we are at AYO Empowerment Centre and on 0994763882


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